Marcus Harris


Dietition Nutritionist


I provide on-site individualized consultations designed specifically for meeting your health and wellness goals.   Our minds, bodies and emotions are inextricable linked.   I will provide the information, education and ongoing accountability to take responsibility for your health. 


An ideal client for me is the person who is ready to take responsibility and control over his or her health. Ultimately, you are responsible for your success when it comes to reaching your personal goals. Whether you are seeking to lose body fat to improve your overall health or you are working to lower your A1C, I enjoy providing the support and accountability to help get you there.


My specialty is providing that accountability and support that is often missing from many weight management programs. I do not claim to have a magic potion or program that will make your goals a reality overnight. But I can equip you with the tools, education and interventions needed for you to reach long-term, lasting success.


Instead of settling for some illnesses being hereditary, I argue that the behaviors leading to many diseases are hereditary. After witnessing many suffer from preventable cases, I chose to become a community dietitian, outside of the hospital setting. This gives me a greater opportunity to educate about preventative measures. 

How it all started...

After joining the US Navy at the young age of 18, I served nine years as an Aircraft Mechanic completing three deployments, one of them a yearlong stint in Kuwait.  Even though I have always been athletic, I found my passion for lifting, training and competing during my military service.  I quickly became my command’s fitness leader and earned my Personal Trainer certificate through NASM. 


After working as a trainer and preparing myself to compete in physique competitions, I became interested in the science behind food and the effects that it has on our health.  So, I decided to enroll in Keiser University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program.  After working in various settings, including hospitals and assisted living facilities, I knew that my passion was in Preventative Healthcare and Wellness.  I decided that where I can have the greatest impact is in private practice joining with other practitioners in an integrated practice to ensure that we are providing the absolute best holistic support for individuals seeking to achieve long term success.