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We are committed to standing on the front lines to fight preventable, chronic diseases in our communities. With so much information at our fingertips, many individuals fall victim to fad diets and weight loss regimens that do not promise sustainability.   We provide an alternative with education, coaching, counseling, detailed measures and accountability.

To support you in meeting your goals we will work with you to guide you to develop and maintain the healthful habits needed to live a full and thriving life.

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Medical Nutrition


Most people will attempt to lose weight and adopt a healthful lifestyle at some point in their life.  Did you know that over 75% of Americans have met their desired weight goal, but unfortunately gain it back within a year?  What is the disconnect here?  Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a service by which the dietitian uses evidence-based-nutrition practice guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as the basis for treatment and interventions. This assures the public that they are receiving the most current, sound, and safest advice. MNT focuses on long-term success, not a quick fix or extreme medical weight loss regimens with very little promise for sustainability.  

Sports Nutrition

We all want to perform our best.  Did you know that proper nutrition can make the difference between first and second place?  Whether you are a runner, wrestler or

aspiring gymnast, we can help you develop what your proper nutrition should look like

to keep you performing at the top of your game!

Family and

Childhood Nutrition

Research shows that individuals trying to develop a healthy lifestyle are more successful when they have a support system. We all want the best for our family, so why

not invest in their health? Are your children picky eaters? Would you like to develop a more nutritious diet for your family? We can help you and your family create goals and

an action plan that works with your lifestyle.

Wellness & Weightloss Challenges

As an employer you know the value of

healthy employees.  We offer programs, classes and seminars geared toward

wellness in the workplace.  We facilitate weight loss challenges, information sessions, group therapy and other services to meet

your company's needs.  

Not an employer?  Not a problem, the services listed above can be completed among groups of friends, special interest groups and family.  Are you ready to challenge your loved ones to a healthier lifestyle?

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