Troy Bishop

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern



Within each of us are a set of core values that we wish to be known for.  However, when the values we profess do not line up with our actions our lives can become unmanageable and hard.  Does it seem like everything stays the same even though the people and the scenery have changed?  American culture pushes the belief that we must pull ourselves up by the boot straps and push through but let’s face it there are times when this just isn’t possible and we need the help of someone who has gone through this before.   As a Clinical Mental Health Professional, I am accepting new clients.  Trained as a Clinical Trauma Professional, I am able to use my empathic and intuitive nature to provide an environment that is safe, compassionate, and accepting.  At times the journey can seem daunting and dark, allow me to carry a torch for you on your journey to wholeness. 

Office Location:  

2905 Rigsby Ln, Ste 100

Safety Harbor, FL

Available:  by Appointment for in-person or phone consultation weekdays, evenings and weekends. 

Contact:   727 314-2130

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