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Anne Lima, MPA

Director of Operations and

Client Relations

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Be Courageous ~ Compassionate ~ Connected! 

These are words I keep in front of me daily and strive to live by.  


Our practice is more than a Business - it is a venue to serve.  My focus is on ensuring that each individual that comes into contact with our practice, whether they be clinicians, clients, family or community members, know that they are valued and that their concerns are at the forefront.   Behavior matters and"Praxis" as the movement from knowledge to action expresses the core of my belief that we each need space, education and encouragement to grow and when we know better, we need to do better.  


We will always do our best to address issues and concerns promptly and professionally, from first contact.  Because ~ Individuals, Relationships and Community Matter.  

After decades of service to our country as a military member and Department of Defense employee it is my absolute pleasure to "retire" again and continue to serve our community in this venue.   My formal education in business administration and background in financial services and program management is foundational ~ but more important are my decades of life and people experience.  Look forward to serving ya'll. 

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