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Paul Steinhauser

MA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed? Do you lack direction or motivation in your life? Is your family life in chaos? Are you having relationship issues? If so, then know that you are not alone. With over 35 years of business and leadership experience, I have developed a strong faith in the power of the human spirit but also know that the journey to understanding our true selves is not easy and requires hard work, courage, and commitment.  From the ballfields growing up to the corporate world later in life, I often achieved leadership positions due to my natural persistent, thoughtful, and empathetic manner, particularly in times of crisis. I will bring these same qualities to our sessions together to help you find solutions to your problems and reach your full potential.

My mission is to help individuals, couples, and families struggling to deal with life’s challenges and its many important, and sometimes unexpected, transitions. My client-centered, eclectic approach aims to meet you where you are along your unique personal journey. I will help you explore how what you say to yourself and to others impacts how you feel and act, the perceptions others have of you, and, ultimately, your overall well-being.


My personal and professional experiences and educational achievements helped me to understand that, while life can be difficult and unpredictable, we all carry within us innate strengths and the capacity to persevere and grow. My role as counselor, teacher, and mentor is to help guide your journey to self-actualization and instill hope and a sense of purpose through a pragmatic, collaborative, non-judgmental, and compassionate approach.

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