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Dr. Samuel Lima
PhD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL), Licensed Professional Counselor (GA), Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor,
Certified Employee Assistance Professional 

As Clinical Director and Therapist, I'm am focused on managing the integration of a variety of services to support mental, physical and spiritual wellness of our clients, both in-office and off-site.   As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor I personally work with individuals, couples and families navigating the milieu of Real Life!  The struggles of transitions; youth-to-adulthood, education, career, marriage, divorce, death, birth and more - each can be faced with compassion and pragmatism.  As an experienced clinician I can be there to help sort through and develop strategies to address the emotional, mental and physical issues - challenging and providing counsel. 


The integration of professional training, education and experiences position me to be uniquely qualified to advise and provide education to business organizations and government agencies on issues of mental health and wellness.  And, as a parent of four, now adult children and a step-father to a blossoming beautiful young adult daughter I've acquired a wealth of knowledge and scars from the trenches, in the realm of family life.  Families with children struggling with issues due to separations, divorce and blended families, will find a competent ally.  


As a former Marine, with a distinguished 25-year career, I have high expectations of character, behavior, discipline and organization ~ this is tempered with empathy and understanding of our human frailty.  My experience leading and supporting Marines through training, deployments, and career transitions is instrumental in my counseling work today.

I have lived the immigrant bicultural experience coming to the US with my parents and siblings from Cuba in1968 as part of the "Freedom Flights" - I truly won the Lottery!  Landing in New Jersey and experiencing all the complexities of cultural assimilation.  Today my experience, language and cultural skills are instrumental in providing information and training to organizations in a bilingual setting, as well as counseling individual clients in their native language. 

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