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Safety Harbor, FL

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Our approach is rooted in the concept of Praxis ~

The Act of Implementing - by providing practical means of accomplishing a desired end state.  


We each long to experience the fullness of life but often find ourselves stuck - repeating behaviors that not only don’t lead us to a more fulfilling life  - but that leave us with persistent feelings of frustration, anger, depression, anxiety,  despair, and hopelessness.   Self medicating, acting out, and checking out to get through the day.  Does this sound familiar?  In all venues ~ marriage, parenting, friendships or career - - active and intentional engagement is critical to leading a healthy fulfilling life. 


Working with a licensed qualified therapist, who will work along side you to develop a plan to navigate life’s complexities - and who will provide support and counsel with you through the inevitable challenges of growing personally and within your relationships.  This is what we offer.  


Meeting with each client where they are - without judgement and with strict Confidentiality we will develop action steps to accomplish life changes.  As appropriate and useful we will integrate in the expertise and support of nutritionists, physicians, educators, spiritual leaders, other professionals and family.  

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